as well as surfboards, we are also seeking:

  • paintings
  • posters
  • photos & postcards
  • patches
  • books & magazines
  • trophies
  • metal, wood & ceramic figurines
  • paper items like: decals, price lists, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • skateboards and related materials

surfing decals, laminates & patches

items relating to duke kahanamoku

surf posters, price lists, etc.

skateboards from 1950s to 80s

surfing magazines

photographs, postcards & images


surfboards and more wanted to buy!

finding surfboards and all related material to help preserve our rich history of surfing has been the goal of surf history preservation from the beginning. while there are currently relatively few groups or persons dedicated to preserving surfing artifacts, we hope and believe this can change.

surfing as a sport is a very unique in that it is more of a life style and almost spiritual in nature. surfboard collectors are crucial to the preservation of surfings short history. as 'care takers' of old vintage surfboards, we encourage others to join in the fun and important hobby of surfboard collecting because we believe this is another way of preservation.

surf history preservation is always looking for vintage old surfboards and related vintage items that we deem could be useful or significant to the preservation of surfings history.

surf history preservation will always consider any surfboard, collection of surfboards or related items for purchase. naturally old vintage surfboards are the center of our preservation goals but we also need many other items that relate to the evolution of surfboards and surfing.

we pay a fair price and will buy old vintage surfboards from the early 1900s including 1960s, 1970s and even some 1980s surfboards. we'll consider later surfboards if owned and surfed by know professional surfers.

also important to us are items like old surfboard trophies, old surfboard company materials such as business cards, surfboard price lists, brochures, patches, old surfboard decals & laminates even old surfboard templates!

we need surfboard art, paintings of surfing, surfers & surfboards. also surf movie & surfboard company posters and photographs or postcards that feature surfboards or surfers. we'll even buy some old skateboards and related from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

if you would like us to consider any of these items, or anything else you think could be pertinent, please contact us. be prepared to give a complete description of what you have including photos, dimensions, condition, age and price.

we look forward to hearing from you

surf history preservation collection
the surfboard collectors
p.o. box 5637 hilo, hawaii´┐Ż 96720

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wood surfboards


collectible surfboards

40s balsa, pine, and redwood

1960 greg noll with figure 8 and s stringers

1961 big wave board by wally froiseth

1960s velzy surfboards

60s hobie longboard

60s wardy 'hawaii'

'64 gordon & smith 'mike hynson' red fin

'67 greg noll 'duke kahanamoku hawaiian nollrider'

70s lightning bolt

'78 larry bertlemann twin fin

'78 lightning bolt by parrish for mark richards

early 80s mark richards 'twin fin'


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