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  • posters
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  • patches
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  • trophies
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  • skateboards and related materials

surfing decals, laminates & patches

items relating to duke kahanamoku

surf posters, price lists, etc.

skateboards from 1950s to 80s

surfing magazines

photographs, postcards & images


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dave sweet surfboards

any discussion of the evolution of surfboard design would be severely lacking without the inclusion of dave sweet surfboards. dave sweet began building wood surfboards in 1946 and eventually opened dave sweet surfboards in 1956 in santa monica, california.

dave sweet, the founder/owner of dave sweet surfboards, was the first to produce the modern polyurethane foam surfboards. while many people have thought hobie alter of hobie surfboards was the first to produce the polyurathane foam surfboard, most surf historians now agree that dave sweet was the first; quickly followed by hobie.

dave sweet surfboards were much less agressive in their advertising campaigns and promotional ventures than much of the competition. because of this, dave sweet surfboards had much lower production numbers and not widely distributed.

while dave sweet surfboards did enjoy a very large and talented pool of team members, most were not as visible or had the contest success of the other top surfboard companies in the 50s and 60s.

nonetheless, dave sweet was one of the top craftsmen of the day and dave sweet surfboards were sought by those in the know. dave sweet surfboards were the board of choice for much of the hollywood crew. actors like peter lawford, dick van dyke, jack lemmon, clark gable and probably many others from the hollywood group rode dave sweet surfboards.

thank you dave sweet and dave sweet surfboards for the huge contribution you made to surfboard construction!

some 1960s dave sweet surfboards:

  • 1961 stock
  • 1965 noserider
  • 1966 east coast aggressor
  • 1967 step deck
  • 1967 flexer
  • 1967 speedster

surf history preservation collection
the surfboard collectors
p.o. box 5637 hilo, hawaii´┐Ż 96720

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wood surfboards


collectible surfboards

40s balsa, pine, and redwood

1960 greg noll with figure 8 and s stringers

1961 big wave board by wally froiseth

1960s velzy surfboards

60s hobie longboard

60s wardy 'hawaii'

'64 gordon & smith 'mike hynson' red fin

'67 greg noll 'duke kahanamoku hawaiian nollrider'

70s lightning bolt

'78 larry bertlemann twin fin

'78 lightning bolt by parrish for mark richards

early 80s mark richards 'twin fin'


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