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hobie surfboards

hobart 'hobie' alter, the original owner & designer of the hobie surboards company, was a major force in the evolution of surfboards as we know them today.

hobie alter grew up in southern california where he began surfing as a young boy.

the first hobie surfboards were built by a very young hobie in the family garage in laguna beach, california.

in 1950 hobie built his first balsa boards for his surf buddies. these boards did not have the hobie surfboards name as hobie did not yet realize he would be a force in the blossoming surfboard industry.

hobie, as a young man made his first trip to hawaii in the winter of 1953. he built a few large hawaiian elephant guns at makaha beach for his buddies, most noteably big wave pioneer buzzy trent, to surf the very large wavse of makaha and the north shore of oahu. perhaps only three of these extreme big wave hobie surfboards were made and only one is still known to exist. according to hobie, this trip to hawaii was "the best time of my life."

shortly after hobie visited hawaii, he opened hobie surfboards in 1954. here he made the first boards that carried the hobie name.

hobie surfboards continued to grow, probably easily out-producing most other companies of the day. from 1961 through 1965 hobie surfboards were the winningest surfboard in most of the major surf contests across the u.s. and hawaii.

the hobie surfboards team roster reads like a who's who of surfing in the 1960s.some of the hobie team members were buzzy trent, pete peterson, phil edwards, bing boka, rodney sumpter, gary propper, dick catri, joyce hoffman, joyce hamasaki, corky carroll and of course hobie himself.

while it is widely accepted that dave sweet built the first foam and fiberglass surfboards, hobie surfboards often gets most of the credit. likely because hobie surfboards were produced in very large numbers and widely distributed. it's probable that no other surfboard company has produced as many boards as hobie surfboards.

hobie began making hobie skateboards in 1962. the hobie skateboard was the top of the line and the skateboard every young skateboarder wanted to own.

in the mid 60s, hobie launched his hobie surfboards line of sportswear. and in the late 60s early 70s, he developed and sold the most sucessfull catamaran, aptly called hobie cat. hobie surfboards also produced their own line of sunglasses, bodyboards, snowboards, wakeboards, waterskis, kayaks and about anything else that can be associated with having fun on the water.

hobie alter was a top waterman, big wave surfer, champion tandem surfer, long distance paddler, inventor, inovator and of course, promoter. and to think it all started with the hobie surfboard that hobie built in his dad's garage!

many thanks to hobie and hobie surfboards!

here's a sample of some 60s hobie surfboards:

  • 1960 stock
  • 1964 phil edwards (the first 'model' surfboard)
  • 1965 nose rider
  • 1966 corky carroll
  • 1966 multi board (a two piece board made for air travel)
  • 1967 corky carroll mimi
  • 1967 corky carroll hawaii
  • 1968 joyce hoffman
  • 1968 wedge
  • 1969 deadly flying glove.

surf history preservation collection
the surfboard collectors
p.o. box 5637 hilo, hawaii´┐Ż 96720

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wood surfboards


collectible surfboards

40s balsa, pine, and redwood

1960 greg noll with figure 8 and s stringers

1961 big wave board by wally froiseth

1960s velzy surfboards

60s hobie longboard

60s wardy 'hawaii'

'64 gordon & smith 'mike hynson' red fin

'67 greg noll 'duke kahanamoku hawaiian nollrider'

70s lightning bolt

'78 larry bertlemann twin fin

'78 lightning bolt by parrish for mark richards

early 80s mark richards 'twin fin'


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