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  • skateboards and related materials

surfing decals, laminates & patches

items relating to duke kahanamoku

surf posters, price lists, etc.

skateboards from 1950s to 80s

surfing magazines

photographs, postcards & images


probably the most recognizable label in hawaii in the early 1960s was surfboards hawaii.  john price, shaper and original owner of surfboards hawaii had surfboard production in both hawaii and encinitas, california. 

surfboards hawaii didn't have the massive production numbers like other larger manufactures, but what they lacked in numbers, surfboards hawaii made up for in legend status. 

with the top big wave surfers of the day, surfboards hawaii was the board of choice for the bold and adventurous surfers waiting to get into some hawaiian juice.

big wave riders like buzzy trent, ricky grigg, billy hamilton, fred van dyke, butch van artsdalen and dick brewer, among others, all rode surfboards hawaii big wave guns.

while some popular model boards were produced under the surfboards hawaii name like the model a and stylist models, surfboards hawaii was mostly known for their big wave boards.  and with shapers like dick brewer and riders like buzzy trent, no wonder.

we thank john price of surfboards hawaii and all the many talented shapers and riders for helping make riding the big waves a more fun and slightly less life threatening sport.

some of surfboards hawaii boards built in the 60s:

  • 1963 - stock
  • 1965 - buzzy trent
  • 1966 - model a
  • 1967 - stylist i
  • 1968 - stylist i.

surf history preservation collection
the surfboard collectors
p.o. box 5637 hilo, hawaii´┐Ż 96720

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wood surfboards


collectible surfboards

40s balsa, pine, and redwood

1960 greg noll with figure 8 and s stringers

1961 big wave board by wally froiseth

1960s velzy surfboards

60s hobie longboard

60s wardy 'hawaii'

'64 gordon & smith 'mike hynson' red fin

'67 greg noll 'duke kahanamoku hawaiian nollrider'

70s lightning bolt

'78 larry bertlemann twin fin

'78 lightning bolt by parrish for mark richards

early 80s mark richards 'twin fin'


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