as well as surfboards, we are also seeking:

  • paintings
  • posters
  • photos & postcards
  • patches
  • books & magazines
  • trophies
  • metal, wood & ceramic figurines
  • paper items like: decals, price lists, business cards, brochures, etc.
  • skateboards and related materials

surfing decals, laminates & patches

items relating to duke kahanamoku

surf posters, price lists, etc.

skateboards from 1950s to 80s

surfing magazines

photographs, postcards & images


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weber surfboards

weber hatchet fin

david "dewey" weber was founder of weber surfboards, sometimes called "the little man on wheels" because of his surfing style and expertise.

weber surfboards first opened its doors in 1960 at venice beach, california. the huge success enjoyed by weber surfboards in the 60s was due in large part to dewey's talent and his success in many of the most prominant contests of the day. also, being a savvy entrepeneur, dewey took on some of the best shapers and team members for weber surfboards.

the weber surfboard crew included such future legends as nat young (soon to be world champion), joey hamasaki, (one of the top 3 women surfers of the time), harold iggy (top shaper & surfer for hawaii), david nuuhiwa, donald takayama and other important regional and national heros.

during most of the 1960s weber surfboards was one of the top producers in the nation, probably second only to hobie surfboards. besides weber's aggressive advertising blitz in the surf mags of the day, at least some of the success enjoyed by weber surfboards was due to their great riding models.

by far the most successful and desired model was the weber performer. in fact the weber performer is probably the single most sucessfull model in surfing history. weber surfboards sold about 10,000 weber performers. in fact many of todays surfers that enjoy surfing retro-boards, will often be found surfing on one of the weber surfboard models.

thanks to dewey weber and weber surfboards for their very important participation in our surfing culture.

some of the weber surfboards from the 1960s:

  • 1960 stock
  • 1965-67 iggy model
  • 1965 big wave gun
  • 1965-67 performer
  • 1967 feather
  • 1967 stylist
  • 1967 professional
  • 1968 strato

surf history preservation collection
the surfboard collectors
p.o. box 5637 hilo, hawaii´┐Ż 96720

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wood surfboards


collectible surfboards

40s balsa, pine, and redwood

1960 greg noll with figure 8 and s stringers

1961 big wave board by wally froiseth

1960s velzy surfboards

60s hobie longboard

60s wardy 'hawaii'

'64 gordon & smith 'mike hynson' red fin

'67 greg noll 'duke kahanamoku hawaiian nollrider'

70s lightning bolt

'78 larry bertlemann twin fin

'78 lightning bolt by parrish for mark richards

early 80s mark richards 'twin fin'


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